TYLER, Texas (KETK) – As everything starts to bloom thanks to the warmer weather and rain, Ron Hill with Salcido Lawn in Tyler says phones have been ringing off the hook.

“People are worried about dead materials, dead shrubs, some probably will make, some haven’t,” said Ron Hill, landscape designer, horticulturist, Salcido Lawn.

Over in Troup, Justin Ackley with Holy Grounds Lawn Care & Restoration says this time of year tends to be the busiest for yard needs.

“People start asking ‘ok can you come out, can you give us a quote for our yard?’ They start being more interactive with nature itself and wanted to clean out their garden and get their outside ready,” said Justin Ackley, owner of Holy Grounds Lawn Care & Restoration.

Whether you do it yourself or have a professional help there are some things you can do right now for your lawn.

“So if you have gardens, garden beds, flower beds, now is the time to start walking through and see if you have any unwanted plants growing in there that are not your normal floral,” said Ackley.

You also need to start treating for weeds but you need to wait until your grass is ready.

“The grass is coming out of winter dormancy, so you need to let them come out at least by 75 to 80% before you think about using any kind of post-emergent products to kill the weeds on top,” said Hill.

Ryan Matthews with Ryan’s Lawn Service in Longview says you also need to watch out for things living in your yard like ants, rats, and moles.

“Around this time of year, things start heating up, you’d start seeing in like little cold spots, like snakes or just all kind of creatures crawling around yards,” said Ryan Matthews, owner of Ryan’s Lawn Service.

All three men say the most important thing you can do right now is mow your lawn.

“We’re talking about first to mid March is when you should start mowing once a week because once again we warm up quicker like we have been, you need to get that under control,” said Hill.

Mowing will also help keep weeds from growing.