HARRISON COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – An East Texas man was arrested Wednesday night for firearm smuggling after the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office said he was a wanted burglary suspect.

Officials said Daniel Moore, 35 of Jefferson, is a suspect in a burglary on Heskell Oney Road, and was hiding out a friend’s house.

Since the address from the information they received was in Marion County, officials said their sheriff’s office assisted and deputies with both offices went to the location to find Moore.

Officials said the deputies also observed Corey Hobbs, 29 of Jefferson, who had an active warrant for speeding. Moore and Hobbs were both arrested.

Moore was arrested for firearm smuggling, engaging in organized crime and his bond has been set at a combined $150,000. Hobbs was booked for his traffic warrant, and his speeding fine has been set at $388.

“Harleton residents have made it clear that they do not tolerate thieves and have stated ‘they greatly appreciate the units they have been seeing up there lately,'” officials said.

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