ANAHUAC, Texas (KETK) – 56-year-old David Fontenot, with the help of his sons-in-law, caught a massive 14-foot-long alligator just two days before the start of Gator Fest.

Anahuac is located in Chambers County, and it has been said, the alligator population outnumbers the human population almost 3 to 1. The Anahuac Gator Fest helps with population control. The annual festival usually starts on opening day of alligator season, which is Sept. 10, but this year it started a week later on Sept. 17.

The gigantic 14-foot catch is just three inches shy of the current Texas record of largest alligator caught in Texas. In May 2013 then 18-year-old Braxton Bielski and his father caught a 14-foot 3-inch alligator in the Choke Canyon Reservoir.

Fontenot said they caught the massive gator in the waters off of Alligator Alley RV Park in Anahuac and this is just one reason he decided not to leave him on the line until the festival started. Catching him two days before the festival started means he was unable to enter his catch this year.

“I didn’t want to leave him on the line because he would suffer and I was afraid he might break the line and hurt someone,” said Fontenot.

He has only been participating in alligator season for two years and won a daily weigh-in with an 11-foot, six-inch gator he captured at the same RV park in last years Gator Fest.

When asked what his secret was he said, “I don’t really have any secrets. I was using the same chicken bait as everyone, but wasn’t having any luck so I put out some fish and I guess that’s what he wanted.”

According to Fontenot, getting that massive alligator out of the water was another challenge. He and his family towed the gator to shore and then used a boat ramp and trailer to get him out of the water.

Photo of 14-foot alligator
Photo of 14-foot alligator

The alligator was taken to Porter’s Wild Game Processing in Anahuac where owner Casey Hedges intends on displaying the alligator in his store after the taxidermy.

“I was just going to mount the head, but Casey said it’s the biggest alligator he has ever seen, maybe even the biggest ever caught here in Anahuac, so he wants to mount the whole gator and put it up at his store,” said Fontenot.

Anahuac Gator Fest runs from Sept. 16-18. For more information, see the Texas Gator Fest web page.

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