FLINT, Texas (KETK) – To the world, Mackenzie Brown is the archer from East Texas who left the Tokyo Games with a fourth-place finish, but to Stacey Brown, she’s just her little girl. Brown is a two-time Olympian and her mother couldn’t be prouder. 

Mackenzie’s Olympic journey started years ago as a 5th grader when her P.E. teacher started an archery program. Although Brown had other obligations at the time, she was determined to shoot archery.

Her mother says, “She would inhale her lunch at school and the rest of her lunch period she spent in the gym practicing and shooting, and any free time that she had, that’s where she was.” 

During her first state-wide tournament, Brown competed against kids of all ages. Her first move of the tournament was a “robin-hooding” and arrow. This means the 5th grader hit an arrow directly with hers, breaking it completely in half. She won the competition, and from this point on, her parents knew archery would be her future. 

“At that point, we had a conversation about what type of archery she wanted to shoot, what was her goal, what did she want to do. And she said, at the age of 12, I want to go to the Olympics.”   

Stacey Brown, Mackenzie’s Mother

Not only did Mackenzie Brown go to Tokyo, but she’s now been to the Olympics twice. Mackenzie was the only female American archer to go to Rio in 2016 where she finished 17th overall.

While her performance was exceptional, they did not meet her expectations and she set her eyes on Summer 2020. Her determination and drive landed her on Team USA once again in Tokyo. Victorious, the two-time Olympian did what she set out for. 

“She just competed and achieved something that no American woman, American-born woman, has done since 1976. She finished 4th in the Olympics, and she has been shooting this year better than she ever has.” 

Stacey describes her Olympian daughter as caring, empathetic, and gracious on and off the field. She applauds her sportsmanship and couldn’t be more proud of how she has represented our nation. 

The next big event for Brown is her wedding at the end of the year. As for the Paris games in 2024, Stacey can not say if she will be competing or not. She just wants her daughter to be happy in whatever she is doing.