TROUP, Texas (KETK) — It’s an issue we’ve been following for months, grocery stores are still running out of baby formula. Now, even limiting how much a customer may be allowed to buy if any at all.

Families who faced several difficulties during the pandemic are now facing yet another challenge as the baby formula is still hard to find after the Similac recall.

“Shelves are empty. If they do have some, it’s only a select few. There’s like three cans and so, you get what you can,” said Troup’s mother, Amber Brisco.

This shortage continues to force parents to look at different options with issues that began since the Similac recall back in February. Thousands of mothers are still breastfeeding while many others rely on store-bought formula.

“The last few weeks, it’s all the stores that are out of most of the formulas. This is very difficult with people that are low income or on WIC or something. They have a certain formula they can get and if it’s not there then they may not be able to afford another one,” said Founder of Wonder Woman Outreach, Jill Smith.

Wonder Woman Outreach says they have had mothers from across the country reach out for help.

“We’ve had Lufkin, Crockett, Longview and all the small towns around. I’ve even had someone that reached out from another state and asked if I could ship it. There are recipes out there to make formula, but it’s not going to have the vitamins and the things they need,” said Smith.

Mothers are driving hours away to feed their babies. Smith says for those in dire need, goat milk is a better alternative for those children’s sensitive stomachs.

“If they have some they’ve tried or unused formula that hasn’t been opened. If they can donate it, then we can get it to people who may need it,” said Smith.

Wonder Woman Outreach is asking the community to pitch in and bring people together through love and compassion for our little ones.

Wonder Woman Outreach is a Christian mission organization that aims to educate, empower, and support low-income women and their families during pregnancy and beyond. To provide free food, education, and the necessary supplies, this organization runs purely on community donations.

Wonder Woman Outreach

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