TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The American Red Cross and the Texas Baptist Men have teams standing by and ready to head to Mississippi to help the communities recover from tornadoes that hit the area on Friday.

Homes and businesses are destroyed after tornadoes and storms made their way through Mississippi over the weekend.

The American Red Cross sent 140 volunteers from across the nation, including Texas, within hours to help.

“We have heard that the preliminary estimates indicate as many as 2,000 structures have received major damage or completely destroyed,” said Linda Braddy, CEO of the American Red Cross North Texas region.

Volunteers are meeting homeowners in hard-hit cities, many of who are now going back to the debris to see what is left out of their livelihood.

“They’re carrying relief supplies including, tarps, clean-up kits, first aid kits and more like that,” said Braddy.

Other volunteer organizations are also ready for the call, like the Texas Baptist Men, actively waiting to lend a hand.

“When they are on standby, they make sure their tools are sharpened, their equipment is charged up and ready to go and everything is in good shape,” said David Wells, Director for Disaster Relief with Texas Baptist Men.

The organization has around 50 to 60 volunteers maintaining their equipment to be ready at a moment’s notice.

“We can go in and help owners clean their whole lot out with all the debris and use some of our skid steers and some of different heavy equipment to do some of that,” said Wells.

Wells said when called they will need to send more than equipment for clean up.

“Tornadoes is not so much on the feeding part of that is because usually tornadoes are a mile wide and you have food resources here and there, hurricanes are a little bit different where they are a little bit wider spread,” said Wells.

Both organizations hope to bring not just physical help but emotional help as well.

“We love to bring help, hope and healing to a hurting world. We love to bring that physical help, but it also gives us an opportunity to bring the spiritual help because what drives us to do that is because of our relationship with Jesus Christ,” said Wells.

If they get the call, they will answer.

Both organizations are in constant connection with people on the ground in Mississippi for any needed equipment and information about where they need the most help.