East Texas plants look damaged after snow storm, but don’t assume they won’t return to being beautiful

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The ice and snow from the brutal Arctic two weeks ago caused significant damage to many trees and plants.

Although plants look dead, many will make a comeback.

Joan Pyron lives along the Azalea and Spring Flower Trail in Tyler. Each year tens of thousands of people come to Tyler and take pictures of her beautiful garden.

“I am crazy about flowers,” Pyron said.  

Her garden is known for its huge azalea plants and large assortment of other flowers that bloom throughout the year.

“Who knows what’s out there (in the garden),” she said. “Usually, whatever is blooming and in… season is what’s out in my yard.” 

But now, after February’s bitter cold weather that lasted a week, the plants don’t look so good.

James Wilhite, owner of Wilhite Landscape, knows that many people in East Texas are stressed out wondering if their plants and bushes survived the cold.

Wilhite says it is too early to give up on the plants. Some plants, he said, likely will eventually make a comeback but it will take at least a week or two to know for sure.

For residents on the Azalea and Spring Flower Trail, which begins in mid-March, this may mean a year with azalea blooms.

Wilhite said people should not over-react to what they are seeing now.

“Right now many gardeners’ first method of action to save their damaged plants is to over-nourish them or even cut them back, but that’s not the right move,” he said. “That could really hurt them rather than help them.” 

He said also to avoid the temptation to trim plants back because the gardener may in fact be cutting away a portion of the plant that is still alive and could help the plant grow again.

Wilhite said that some plants likely will shed their leaves as part of their rejuvenation process.

“Shedding of leaves, that’s not always a bad thing,” he said. “If the plant will go ahead and shed the leaves, it could be that it’s just simply reacting to the damage and gonna put on new leaves.”

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