HALLSVILLE, Texas (KETK) – Police departments throughout East Texas are adding Narcan as a tool to save people’s lives.

Hallsville Police Officer Ryan Waldow says he saw a need for access to Narcan while on a call.

“We’re trying to be proactive and trying to make sure that if that need does arise that we can step in,” said Ryan Waldow, Patrol Office, Hallsville PD.

Waldow took the initiative to research the medicine and find a way for every officer in his department to have it in their patrol car.

“The beautiful part about Narcan is it can never hurt a person that has not overdosed,” said Waldow.

Tyler PD has equipped their team with Narcan for more than 3 years and says it works wonders.

“So when we get there first, whether we beat the fire department, you know the medical people in the fire department or EMS, it allows us to take that quick action to save a life,” said Andy Erbaugh, Public Information Officer, Tyler PD.

Officer Andy Erbaugh said everyone in the field has to go through training and they keep the drug in the first aid kits in their patrol cars.

“Having this, which is simple to use, you just put it their nose and inject, and it’s amazing what it can do,” said Erbaugh.

But Narcan can be expensive making it difficult for some departments to have access.

“The prices went everywhere from $220 a box down to $67 a box,” said Waldow.

With all the information Waldow collected, he started reaching out to different pharmacies in the area. Walmart had the lowest price but when he went to pick it up the pharmacist told him they were instead donating their first batch.

“We couldn’t have been more excited, more surprised, it was a blessing, and all it does is just show those people in East Texas, we take care of each other,” said Waldow.

Now each Hallsville officer will have one more tool in their belt to help save a life.