HENDERSON, Texas (KETK)- In light of Wednesday’s shooting at a Tyler dental office that claimed the life of two doctors, East Texas police are giving tips on how to keep yourself protected during a shooting.

The Henderson Police Department says that being aware of your surroundings and having a plan is the best place to start. You may be used to scrolling through your phone while waiting for appointments, but officials warn that you need to be paying attention to what’s around you.

“Don’t just be staring down at your phone, playing on your phone but actually look around,” explains Pam Randolph, a detective with the Henderson Police Department. 

But instead, you should have your phone in your hand or front pocket, so that it is easy to grab in case of an emergency. Officials also warn that you be aware of all possible exits and have a strategy to leave the building you are in. 

“Know where those exit doors actually lead to, so when you open up the door you know where you are,” Randolph adds.

Detective Randolph leads a self defense class and hopes to educate on not only how to fight back, but how to recognize a problem before it exists. With recently updated gun laws in Texas, a license is no longer required to carry a firearm. But police still urge the public to get trained if you choose to carry a gun in self defense.