LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — The free gas giveaway was at the Scottie’s Shell 2.0 off of East Hawkins Parkway and just in the first half-hour, about 50 cars were in line waiting to receive a free full tank of gas.

“I think right now it’s like $4.19 a gallon and we’re trying to help some people out because we know it’s hard. The economy has been hit pretty hard,” said air personality at The Blaze, DaWayne Blaq.

Reynolds radio stations, The Blaze 102.7 and Mega 99.3 came together to help the community save some money. This comes at a time when gas here in East Texas is at an average price of $4.20 for regular fuel.

“We were thinking about the community and couldn’t think of a better way to reward the people of the community and alleviate their wallets. So we are here at your disposal at the pumps filling up your gas tanks,” said air personality for Mega 99.3, Adriana Garcia.

Many East Texans gathered hours before the giveaway began with many sharing they haven’t been able to have a full tank of gas in a while.

“It costs $130 to fill my car up. Yes, a full tank is $130. I have three kids that go to three different schools. So every morning, I’m at half a tank taking them to school,” said Pine Tree Resident, Andrea Causey.

Many shared their frustration at the soaring prices.

“I hate it! I think it’s unnecessary and I think our President needs to revaluate and fix this because we don’t deserve this.  We work way too hard for our money,” said Longview resident, Deborah Drew.

East Texans gathered off of East Hawkins Parkway for free gas. The line wrapped around and turned into a dual-line at the shopping center nearby.

“It hasn’t been easy because we’ve been seeing our sales tapering off. People can’t fill up as much or drive as much,” said the Owner of Scottie’s 2.0, Krupal Patel.

This event only lasted an hour, but air personality, DaWayne Blaq said about 105 cars left with full tanks on Wednesday.

“It’s like people were asking me today, why Longview? We must start somewhere. Today was Longview and we’re going to try and hit Tyler and other areas as well,” said Blaq.

The giveaway ended with close to $8,000 worth of free gas.