BULLARD, Texas (KETK)- Robin Hood, owner of Hood Family Farms in Bullard is taking extra measures to keep his livestock warm and safe.

“The water system is probably the biggest thing, we have to make sure that the pipes we have feeding the water troughs don’t break,” said Robin Hood, owner, Hood Family Farms.

The farm raises cattle, lambs and chickens. Hood has been prepared by adding extra shelters, putting more hay out and upgrading his hen house to keep them warm.

“What we do find is that we have to collect eggs more frequently when it’s well below freezing, the eggs will freeze and crack if they are left out too long,” said Hood.

Just like humans, each animal, including livestock, responds differently to the cold.

“Pigs are very poor regulators of their temperature in both extremes, but in cold, they will borrow, it requires more feed,” said Melanie Moreau, owner, My Pig Filled Life.

In Wills Point, Melanie Moreau owns My Pig Filled Life. Where it’s an around-the-clock job to make sure the pigs are staying warm, have enough food, and fresh unfrozen water.

“They are very prone to pneumonia and so these extreme weather changes, it puts us at risk for more illness,” said Moreau.

According to Hood and Moreau, Texas A&M AgriLife will have to keep a watch over their animals. Even after the temperature starts to go back up.

“You do need to watch them because environmental stress and any kind of stress can lead to pathogens being able to get a foothold, so respiratory disease would be a concern following this cold spell,” said Ron Gill, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

Hood adding anything can happen with this texas weather and he is prepared.

“Just stay safe because it’s going to be real easy when it’s cold out there to either get hypothermia or any injury is going to be magnified to yourself or to an animal, so just be careful,” said Hood.

For now, all they can do is wait to see how bad it gets and power through the cold.

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