East Texas resale store is helping to find a solution to clothing pollution

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – To celebrate Earth Day, Clothes Mentor has launched the “Stop Clothes Pollution” education campaign. The upscale resale store is reminding people that selling their old clothes and buying second-hand can actually help the planet.

The shop urges people to stray away from buying new clothes and instead recycle and reuse current fashions. 

Representatives with the campaign give the “skinny” on clothes pollution. They say it requires 75 pounds of carbon dioxide to produce a single pair of pants. The EPA reports rising levels of CO2 are hazardous to our health.

It also takes 700 gallons of water to make one new t-shirt, which is enough water to fill 10 kiddie pools. One in two people are throwing unwanted clothes in the trash, which leads to 645 million garments produced each year clogging our nation’s landfills. 

At Clothes Mentor, instead of throwing out your old fashions, you can recycle them by selling the gently worn clothes for cash. Then, you can use the cash to buy second hand, upscale garments at the store. Doing this helps save the planet by slowing down clothes pollution, keeping clothes out of landfills. It is also giving you quick cash and others a new look. 

“If you go to the store and buy something and you only wear it one time, and then you’re gonna throw it away, there wasn’t really any use. It didn’t spend any time being used before that happened, and then you’re just gonna go buy another one and another one… that’s just a lot more clothing that’s being put out there and not being used very much. How cool is it to not only get it used again, but you can get some money for it as well, what a great idea?. It’s the clothes that keep on giving.” 

Kathy Bosley,  Owner of Clothes Mentor Tyler

Many people have taken to this style of shopping, choosing to save money while also saving the planet. Clothing in the store often gets cycled in and out. When an avid shopper purchases an item, they usually wear it a few times and then resell the item back to the store if it is in good shape. 

“I love shopping here,” said Megan Riaz, a regular at the store. “I think it’s important that we recycle things. I mean there’s lots of clothing that people wear one time and they say oh that doesn’t fit me right, or ‘I don’t like that color one me, so why should I go pay full price when I can just buy it here and help local. We’re helping someone local in the community.” 

Bosley says recycling is a life-long passion of hers. She loves being a part of bringing that passion to others in East Texas, and watching other women do their part in continuing the recycling cycle at her store in Tyler.

This cycle is full circle. Not only does the storefront buy and sell secondhand clothing, but they donate un-buyable clothes to local charities like Hangers for Hope to make sure that every article of clothing that enters their store has the opportunity to be reused. 

Clothes Mentor offers four tips to cut your carbon footprint: 

  1. Buy mostly secondhand clothes
  2. If you buy new, make sure to wear them more than once
  3. Rent clothes for special occasions
  4. Wash your clothes in an eco-friendly manner including air drying, washing on cold, and avoiding dry cleaning 

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