TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The cost of building materials is going up again at the beginning of the new year. Two East Texas roofing companies say they’ve been told by their suppliers they will be seeing an increase of anywhere between 5% to 25%. 

COVID caused a lot of suppliers to close to keep their employees safe, but it caused a lot of companies to get behind on stock. Now, with cargo ships stuck at ports, we are seeing a decrease in important materials needed to repair your home. 

“You have the availability issue and now we have the continued price increase, supply and demand. We all know when supplies are low and demand is high, the price goes up and that’s for a number of reasons,” said Jacob Law, Chief Operations Officer and Co-owner of Stonewater Roofing. “They have to continue to run a business over there and they’re turning out as much as they can, but pricing increases are coming.”

The changes go down the chain until they reach local companies. Most homeowners won’t see a big difference in repair costs if they have insurance, but paying with cash could empty your pockets. 

“In the roofing industry I don’t see any price decreases likely within the next 12 months to two years. I think it’s just going to continue to rise. So, specifically home owners that are looking to get a good deal, you probably want to do this sooner than later,” said Phil Goodwin, Regional Sales Manager of Good Choice Roofing.

The housing market in East Texas is booming. A lot of people are selling their houses and many want to move. New houses are constantly going up, but with lack of materials, so are the prices for a home. 

“The builders are able to price their homes to really meet their need for building,” said Melissa Thornburg, Realtor with Quality Choice Solutions.  

Items like appliances, windows and cabinets are facing delays of anywhere from a few months to more than a year. 

“You’re looking at delays. If you are wanting to remodel your bathroom you probably can’t get someone tomorrow like you could of a year ago.” SAYS THORNBURG. 

Even with wait times and supply chain issues, roofing companies and realtors will do anything they can to make sure you are happy with your home.