TYLER, Texas (KETK) – In 2022, the back to school shopping list seems to include a cellphone. 

Lynette Aguilar is the Vice President and General Manager of AT&T North Texas. 

“So the majority of kids have a smartphone of their own by the time they’re 11 at this point,” she said.

Some parents want their child to have a phone in case of an emergency while others worry if spending the money on a new cell phone is worth it. 

“I think it’s very much about a child’s maturity as well as the family situation, so I think it’s very dependent on every individual’s unique situation,” said Aguilar. 

According to Tyler Independent School District’s policy, students are not allowed to be on their phones during class. The first time they are caught on their phone, they may get it back for free but after that they will pay to get it back. 

Longview Independent School District allows students to have their cell phones and use them on break or between classes but asks that all phones to be silenced and put away during class. If they are caught a second time with their phone they will be charged a $15 fine to get it back.