ATHENS, Texas (KETK) — East Texas restaurants have started serving crawfish, and people are excited about it. People were worried the arctic blast would have a negative effect on this year’s season, the restaurants we spoke to are receiving shipments a few times a week.

Owner of Wawa’s Seafood Shack, Brian Parker, said that’s not the case.

“Well every time it gets cold you’re going to see a drop in the numbers and there is nothing we can do about what we get and the price. If the catch is short, the price goes up and it doesn’t have to do with us,” said Parker. 

“I think it is going to be kind of crazy, and it is going to be really packed,” said Adalee Fortner, daughter of Part Owner of Wawa’s Seafood Shack.

Parker added that customers are a lot happier when this time of year rolls around, so much so that numbers triple through the door of the restaurant to get crawfish.

“I feel like it gets a lot more laid back, everyone comes in and expects to have a good time, we’re all having a good time,” said Carrie Parker, part owner of Wawa’s Seafood Shack.

We also stopped at Wade’s Place in Chandler, where customers couldn’t wait to get their hands on those tasty mudbugs.

“We get calls everyday, everyday people get my cell phone, they call my cell phone asking about crawfish,” said Wade Mcintyre, owner of Wade’s Place.

The owner of the shop next door is a frequent customer of Wade’s, she said people come from all over to enjoy his crawfish.

“Just all of his food is good, the quality is good, it’s always hot, served to order, so I get my taste of it often,” said Olivia Tedford, owner of Chandler Country Store.

Even with the freeze, crawfish shipments for these restaurants remain on schedule. 

“Customers are a lot happier when we have crawfish,” said Parker.

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