TYLER, Texas (KETK) – An East Texas senior received a sweet surprise recently.

Barbara Kelly has a youthful spirit and was a motorcyclist for more than 20 years. She owned a Yamaha and had about six different motorcycles in the past.

Kelly lives at The Hamptons of Tyler senior living, and the staff decided to create a Miracle Moment for Kelly. She had a fall earlier this year and wasn’t able to move around for some time.

“For her Miracle Moment, we helped her get together with members of the Longriders of Tyler Texas,” said Robyn Hood, the Hamptons’ Independent Living Activity Director. 

The Longriders are a family-oriented riding club. The organization was created in 1986 to help change the reputation of motorcyclists and for them to become more involved in their community.

The Hamptons wanted to cheer up Kelly, and they waited for her physical therapist to give them the go-ahead for the event.

“Barbara had a blast riding behind them and getting to meet everyone. She had a huge smile on her face,” said Robyn. “We appreciate these wonderful riders for making the trip out to surprise her and making this day so special for her.”

Kelly was surprised while she was playing bingo.

“She didn’t know what was going on, but all of her fellow bingo players knew about the surprise so they kept her occupied.”

More information about The Hamptons of Tyler can be found here.