NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) – Many are doing their last minute shopping.

Saturday is the biggest shopping day of year, but the national report this week shows consumer spending is down this year.

Fredonia Brewer is the only beer company in Nacogdoches, and they rely on holiday sales to help push them into the new year.

“Especially into January and February they are kind of our low part of the year because no one wants to drink a cold beer in 35 degree weather,” said Jack Sullivan, operations manager for Fredonia Brewer.

To help with low sales during cold weather they are also offering a heated patio and holiday beers.

“Especially, this time of year you have the darker roaster beers (and) the porters and stalls. We have a coffee milk stall made with local coffee that’s really popular this time of year,” said Sullivan.

However, inflation has caused the price of malt grain to sky rocket.

“It feels like three steps forward two steps back kind of things,” said Sullivan.

Nacogdoches Cigar Company is experiencing their busiest time of year. Many new customers come through their doors wondering which cigar would be the best gift.

”Probably the biggest question this time of year is what do you suggest as a gift for my husband or my dad or my grandfather,” said Patrick Lewis, with Nacogdoches Cigar Company.

Sales from November of last year to this year were down 15%.

“We are doing OK. Of course everyone is struggling and having less discretionary spending and stuff, but when it comes to cigars it’s a luxury, so usually people buying have a little bit of money,” said Lewis.

Shopping local can determine whether or not they stay open or close their doors forever.

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