As the Tokyo Olympics come to an end, the countdown to Paris 2024 is on. That’s where for the first time ever, viewers could see cheerleading featured as an Olympic sport. 

The recognition was made official by the International Olympic Committee in July of this year. One elite squad in East Texas is especially excited about this addition to the games. 

The East Texas Twisters in Canton say cheerleading should already be included at the Olympics. Owner Patrick Whaley says cheer started on the sidelines, but it has evolved to a showcase of extreme tumbling and stunting. 

This sport takes athleticism, commitment, drive, and a lot of heart. These are all qualities found in every other sport at the Olympics.  

“Competitive cheerleading has come a long way over the past couple of years. It’s become, with all the new tumbling and acrobatic skills that we’re throwing in the air as far as basket tosses and stunts, they’re becoming pretty crazy. And I think the pure athleticism it takes to do these things deserves to be an Olympic sport for sure.” 

Patrick Whaley, Owner of East Texas Twisters

Cheerleading could be featured on the world stage as soon as the next Olympics, but officials say a more likely debut will be at Los Angeles in 2028. 

KETK and FOX 51’s Corrine Benandi met with the East Texas Twisters to cheer on the news. A small group, made up of members from two of their squads, taught her how to do a quick and easy 8-count routine.