LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — On Wednesday, John Dunklin surprised Army veteran, Daniel Miller with his very own service dog. 

“I would love to save all of the veterans. We are going to start out with just one today,” said Dunklin, a service dog trainer and owner of C4 Gun Dogs.

He said he felt blessed to give Mia, his first trained service dog, to Miller. Dunklin, a Marine veteran said, years ago he was given a service dog and little did he know she would be a lifesaver. His own experience with a service dog led him and his wife to start training service dogs and give back.

Miller was overwhelmed with joy when Mia was given to him.

“It gives me purpose to keep going,” he said.

Dunklin met Miller’s mom during a veteran affairs visit. After a conversation, he knew Mia was destined for the Army vet.

Miller, who suffers from the consequences of war, says this service dog is life changing.

“There was always something missing and to having her made it very heart-warming knowing that I have something to take care of to keep me going,” said Miller.

Dunklin shares why Mia will be the perfect companion.

“More than just a dog, she is a tool. She is a best friend. She is something that will absolutely love you,” he said.

Miller is so grateful to have Mia. He said he was trying to get a service dog and is so happy. 

“It felt a void in my heart that has been there for awhile, and with having her the joy of it has made me extremely, extremely happy,” he said.

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