GRAND SALINE, Texas (KETK) — Winter weather in East Texas is causing dangerous driving conditions.

Toll 49 was closed down for hours Tuesday morning after an 18-wheeler crash. TxDot is reporting ice or snow on the toll road.

“There was another vehicle involved, a one-ton truck and there’s no injuries or anything like that. We’re just trying to get the roadway clear,” said Chad Hogue, Smith County Fire Marshal.

Grand Saline Fire Department is also busy, they have been responding to calls since 3 a.m. Tuesday morning.

“Found one vehicle in the ditch that has slid off of a bridge, left the roadway and into a ditch,” said Caden Mosher Grand Saline Firefighter, Public Information Officer. 

Freezing temperatures are only beginning to make their impacts.

“The icy conditions that made the tree fall so the tree way blocking the road and the vehicle went through,” said Mosher.

He is worried conditions will only get worse.

“The rainy-winter mix conditions have icy bridges all over Van Zandt County. Overall are pretty decent right now driving home. I do think they will get worse as we go into tonight. Weather reports are showing that it’s gonna get a little colder,” said Mosher. 

The Volunteer Fire Department in Grand Saline has extra staff standing by for the next 72 hours.

It can’t be stressed enough, avoid driving if you can.

“Please slow down if you’re driving  and take your time stopping at all that the bridges and overpasses are gonna ice they’re  going to ice again tonight,” said Hogue.