TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Dr. Bryan C. Jack Elementary School had their annual 9/11 remembrance ceremony called Patriot Day, on Friday. The ceremony is in honor of all the victims of the 9/11 attacks , the first responders and Tyler resident Dr. Bryan C. Jack who died at the Pentagon and after whom the school is named.

“We celebrate this day each year to pay tribute to Dr. Bryan C. Jack, who was killed in the attacks on September 11, 2001. We have traditionally honored veterans on this day by inviting family members who have served in the armed forces. We also take this opportunity to recognize first responders for their service,” Principal Brett Shelby said.

5th grader Brooklyn Newhouse got to take center stage at the 9/11 ceremony letting all the students know the importance of the day.

“When the Twin Towers came down, and two planes went, well they crashed into them, and then people died and then Dr. Bryan C. Jack, he was in a plane and he crashed into The Pentagon,” Newhouse said.

Photo of Dr. Jack courtesy of 9/11 Pentagon Memorial

“That there are still places like Jack Elementary where they are trying to teach their students what it is to serve and what their country is really all about. In my opinion, it’s very important for them to know what it means, what it was all about and what happened,” said Retired US Air Force Major Martine.

Major Martine ’s grandson attends the school, and is proud to know his grandchild is learning the importance of 9/11.

“To have them understand the importance of being on a campus with that significance, and knowing who he was and his leadership, and actually  this being a 9/11 memorial site as well, this day is just very special to us, it’s specially to our community, special to all our parents, all the stake holders, and we just feel like it’s something worth doing every year,” Principal Shelby said.

Principal Shelby is hoping the children will take something important away from the ceremony.

“Just to be able to know how patriotic it turned, I mean those days are centered around patriotism, and to have our kids understand what patriotism and what leadership looks like, we hope they walk away with that,” said Shelby.

Dr. Jack graduated from what is now called Tyler High School in 1970 as a National Merit Scholar. He was awarded the Defense Exceptional Service Medal in 1998 and 2000, according to the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial.

Dr. Jack was 48 years old.

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