ELKHART, Texas (KETK) – Both the Elkhart High School and the Elkhart First United Methodist Church came together on Saturday to create a dinner fundraiser to raise money for their high school coach who recently brought home his premature baby from the NICU.

Students at the school partnered with Elkhart First United Methodist Church to raise funds for Coach Jeffery Jones and his new baby girl.

A chopped beef sandwich dinner was held on the front steps of the high school on Saturday. All of the money raised at the dinner went to the medical expenses for little Hallie Ray.

“We were in the NICU for 70 days so we finally got to bring her home a couple of weeks ago and the church next door to the school decided to get together as a community and decided ‘hey we want to raise money and kind of help’ our family which is pretty awesome,” said Jones.

United Church Charities has created a bond with Elkhart ISD and has allowed students to participate in service projects benefiting the community.