NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) – Emeline Carpenter Elementary School is starting the new school year with a new building.

Aravella Taylor said she couldn’t be more excited for her three children to attend.

“It’s going to be pretty good, I like it, and I think they will too,” Taylor said. “I think they’ll like it because it’s a brand new school, new teachers, it’s bigger and it’s new people here also.”

Taylor said she is also looking forward to her children getting to experience something different, and being at a safer school.

“When we were in school it was different, so now they have different methods for them to learn and I think that’s exciting,” Taylor said.

Emeline Carpenter Principal Lynsey McAninch said the campus was built with new safety measures.

“We do have safety features in this building, we have a tornado shelter, and that’s different from our old building,” McAninch said. “Our building is inside so we are protected from the weather.”

Taylor said the school having a tornado shelter was very important to her, and seemed more effective than what she had growing up.

“I definitely like that because we had to put a book over our head when we were in school,” Taylor said. “So, that’s great.”

McAninch said she is ready for the students to see the new and safer school.

“I am so excited to see the kids faces as they come in, so they can see our new building, and see everything that the teachers have worked so hard over the summer in their classrooms getting ready,” McAninch said.

Both women said they were excited for the school year to begin, and felt confident in the new building.

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