WOOD COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Authorities in Wood County believe they have found the man responsible for a murder back in 2007.

Chad Carr is sitting in the Wood County Jail, charged with the murder of Brittany McGlone.

He was arrested Sept. 1 in the Dallas area. Wood County Sheriff Kelly Cole says all signs pointed to him after years of investigating.

19-year-old McGlone was tragically beaten, sexually assaulted and murdered in the light of day back in 2007 in a small home by Lake Winnsboro.

One year ago, we sat down with Brittany’s mother, who was hanging on to hope for answers.

“If I see an article about a murder solved after 32 years, that gives me hope,” said her mother Patricia Tice.

Brittany’s case was without a suspect being publicly named for more than a decade. 15 years later, there is someone behind bars for her daughter’s murder.

“The main thing is for the family. You know, they’ve spent 15 years in wonder,” said Sheriff Cole.

Sheriff Cole said originally, Carr was listed as a suspect along with several others, describing the investigation as a process of elimination.

He says Carr and McGlone knew each other. The sister of Brittany’s boyfriend was dating Carr.

“As we can rule each one out, everything just kept coming back to him, you know even after all this time,” said Sheriff Cole.

He says Carr’s arrest brings some relief to the entire area.

“I think its important to the community to know that we’re doing our jobs, even on an old case to know that we’re going to not give up no matter what,” added Sheriff Cole.

Sheriff Cole credits the advancements in science and technology for leading investigators to this moment.

“I think we understand that science and things of that nature get more and more evolved, and we try to take advantage of as much of that as we can,” explained Sheriff Cole.

Carr is being held on a $1 million bond. 

Sheriff Cole says it could take years for this case to go to court, but he’s pleased with this big stepping point.

He adds, Brittany’s family will continue to fight for justice.

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