TYLER, Texas (KETK) — KETK spoke with Democratic candidate for Texas Comptroller Janet Dudding on Tuesday afternoon to learn more about her goals should she be elected to be the state’s new accountant.

Dudding has spent most of her life as a certified public accountant, working more than 35 years with state and local governments and their grants, taxes, procurement, spending and reporting. She says Texas has “never had an accountant as our accountant.. and it shows… I’m a governmental accountant who knows that government exists not to build a balance in the rainy day fund, but to stretch our resources to provide the best quality services that we can to everyday taxpayers.”

Dudding believes that “Texans deserve someone managing our money who understands our values and our needs.” Should she be elected, her five primary missions as Comptroller are as follows:

  • Control corporate tax giveaways and property tax appraisals
  • Save Texans $100 million per year through Medicaid expansion
  • Create new revenue by legalizing adult-use cannabis
  • Expand broadband access across the entire state
  • Save money in disaster damages and use methane vapor to fuel production on state-owned land

She also offered several solutions to help Texans’ pockets feel some relief in regard to the rising costs of inflation and gasoline, saying the market continues to fluctuate dramatically due to the uncertainty of Putin’s war with Ukraine.

“I would love to say to repeal the gas tax, that’s only 20 cents a gallon… it isn’t going to help that much. If we look more towards sales tax of what everyday Texans are paying, repealing, even for the short term, sales tax on all food, on all medicines, on all medical supplies, on all personal hygiene items. And let’s go ahead and pick clothes for young kids, under like $50. Something like that would provide some relief in the pocketbook as we ride out this fluctuation.”

Janet Dudding, Dem. candidate for Texas Comptroller

To see the full interview, watch the video above. If you would like to learn more about Dudding’s campaign, click here.