NOTE: This article has been edited to add a comment from Father Gregory Bramlage.

KILGORE, Texas (KETK) — Some people in Kilgore say they are concerned Wednesday, as they claim a new construction project in their community could be used for exorcisms. The Ministries of New Evangelization is headed by Father Gregory Bramlage. Neighbors believe he is building a place where exorcisms will be performed.

“I had originally heard that he would be performing baptisms. Now, I’ve heard the news today that we are going to be having an exorcism shop built,” said neighbor, Britney Sims.

KETK News also tried reaching out to Father Gregory Bramlage and he denied an on-camera interview, but he says the contractor’s side of the story is untrue.

Residents in the community outside Kilgore on County Road 186 learned about these plans from a contractor hired for the job.

“We were thinking about him being a priest and he just kept telling us that he was a man of God but, evidently he’s not a man of God if he doesn’t want to pay his bills,” said Owner and Contractor of Turnkey Construction Jud Turner. “We still have material out here that hasn’t been paid for. But, this is his private property where he lives and where he plans to hold these big conventions to exorcise the demons out of people.”

Turnkey Construction tells KETK News that Father Gregory Bramlage and his nonprofit, owe them just over $14,000 saying they heard about these plans from Father Bramlage himself after beginning the project about a month ago.

Father Gregory Bramlage

“This guy was basically having this building built for a prayer ministry. There were supposed to be like three prayer rooms he requested. Come to find out, two weeks ago he tells us that this building is going to be used for exorcisms,” said Turner.

Turner said that Bramlage started out with one building and is building a 6,000-10,000 square foot convention center.

“I guess it’s going to be used for the exorcisms too. I don’t know any preacher that I know of that exorcises demons out of people. Especially, in a residential neighborhood with kids and stuff like that. Not only do you have it near someone else’s property… you’ve got it right behind your house where you live!” said Turner.

The company said that employees have not been allowed back on the property even to finish the project that could now amount to up to $40,000.

Neighbors said they have tried having a conversation with him, but have been unsuccessful in their efforts.

“I would be concerned if anyone out here did exorcisms. He just happens to be across the road from me. You don’t know what traffic is going to come in or if there will be set hours for this to be happening,” said neighbor, Angel Smith.

Turnkey Construction is now threatening a lawsuit unless they are paid the amount they claim they are owed.