TYLER, Texas (KETK)- It’s getting colder outside and that means East Texans are looking for ways to stay warm, including using space heaters. Right now, it is important to know how to keep your house heated safely.

Knowing what kind of heater you need for your space, how long they can run, and how much it will affect your electric bill is key to protecting your home.

“Wattages are going to dictate also how much heat they will put out, the higher wattage, the 1500 (watts) will put out more heat than that 700 or 800 watts,” said Jason Blakeney, owner of Blakeney Hardware in Gresham.

Space heaters are also only meant to be used for certain periods of time.

“These things are not meant to run 24/7. They are not a means of 100% reheating your home. They can, they have and they will short out which could cause a fire, cause electrical damage and such,” said Blakeney.

He also said if your room is big and more open, the bigger the unit and output you will need. It helps to have a heater with a fan and temperature controls on it as well.

Any kind of heater is going to be a high draw on your electricity causing your heating prices to rise. Blakeney Hardware said being aware of the costs when buying a space heater will help keep your bill down.

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