TYLER, Texas (KETK) — These triple-digit temperatures have already raised plenty of concern over heat exhaustion. For those who love to fish, getting good results may come later in the day when it’s cooler. It may not only help your chances of getting a bite but could be safer for your health too.

“We have a lot around here under the piers. This is protected waters here around the pier, but they’re huge and people come out to see the fish all the time,” said Linda Woodall of Lakeside Bar and Grill.

Catfish and bass are one of the many groups that are popular to fish in East Texas. At Lake Tyler Marina Resort, employees say this summer’s extreme heat has not stopped anyone from coming in to fish.

“Normally people come in at this time of year like later at night or very early in the morning. Just so they can stay out of the heat and sun. Most fisherman will come in about noon or so and they are done for the afternoon and come back later when it starts getting a little cooler,” said Tara Tyner, General Manager of Lakeside Bar and Grill.

Hot weather leads fish to search for shade from the beating sun in shaded areas and in deeper waters.

“The best place to fish is between 12 and 15 feet in cooler waters so in the morning it’s better until about 10 o’clock. Then in the afternoon, from maybe about 7 p.m. until midnight is also a good time for fishing,” said Woodall.

Lake Tyler Marina continues to see a steady flow of customers coming to cast a line but would like to remind everyone to stay hydrated and aware of their surroundings at all times.

“We’ve had amazing size fish come out of this lake. Just when you are here, be mindful that you are in someone’s habitat and home. You should respect it as if it were yours,” said Tyner.  

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, here are a list of great fishing locations in East Texas:

  • Lake Tawakoni– located in Van Zandt, Rains, and Hunt counties. Predominant fish species are striped and white bass, catfish, crappie, and largemouth bass.
  • Lake O’ The Pines- 25 miles northeast of Longview in Marion, Upshur, and Camp counties. Predominant fish species here are: Largemouth and spotted bass, Blue, channel, and flat-head catfish. Crappie, sunfish, and chain pickerel.
  • Lake Tyler Marina Resort
  • Lake Palestine