VAN, Texas (KETK) — Today is the first day of summer, but temperatures have already hit triple digits numerous days around East Texas. The above average heat is having a huge impact on produce and vegetables.

“It’s just too hot. The 100 degree heat, they don’t do well in that heat,” said Bettye Turney, farmer.

Farmers around East Texas have seen their crops ripen faster, while others never ripen.

“Here at the farm we have noticed it has ripped up our produce quicker and the lack of rain as well is not helping, and the plants themselves are not yielding as much as well,” said Lauren McMillan, owner of Homegrown Farm and Garden

The heat is putting stress on the plants, which is not optimal.

“Plants that aren’t growing correctly, like they’ll have a misshape, the fruit itself is not good,” said McMillan.

With drought-like conditions, farmers have to find new ways to water more.

“We’ve had to buy irrigation equipment to put on our purple hull peas and our cream peas this year, which we normally don’t do,” said Turney.

McMillan said the above average temperatures caused them to lose quite a bit of crop.

“So, it causes us not to have as much in our store,” said McMillan.

McMillan also owns a store where they sell their produce, but with less produce to sell, profits are falling.

“So, we are not able too produce as much to put in our store, and the heat as well, not as many people want to get out,” said McMillan.

With no end in sight for higher temperatures, farmers are left questioning how the season will go.

“We usually don’t get 100 degree heat in June and it’s just kind of unknown as to what it’s going to be like in the next week or so with the temperatures as high as they are,” said Turney.

All they can do is hope for some relief from this heat.