COFFEE CITY, Texas (KETK) — An East Texas community is saying their final goodbyes and honoring their Lieutenant Wayne Fraizer who passed away from stage four colon cancer in November.  

The group met at the Coffee City Police Department for one last ride to the home of Lieutenant Frazier in Arp. 

“He was just a great man and like I said a true American hero,” said Walter Kern, Lieutenant Coffee City Fire Dept. 

Lieutenant Fraizer was 72 years old and loved ones said he loved his job until the very end.   

“Even with stage 4 colon cancer (he) was rocking and rolling and kicking butt out there with us patrolling the streets.”

Cody Welch//Reserved Sergeant Coffee City

He was working, serving and protecting East Texans up until the week he passed away.  

His coworkers remembering the man they cared for deeply with tears in their eyes.  

“Smiling all the time, trying to cheer everybody else up when he was in pain himself. That’s the kind of man Lieutenant was,” added Kern. 

Chief of Police in Coffee City John Jay Portillo said he always looked up to Lieutenant Frazier. 

“From the day one that I became chief of police, I looked to Wayne for a lot of knowledge,” said Portillo 

Lieutenant Frazier served the people of East Texas for 40 years and his wife said he loved nothing more than helping others. 

“His goal was to be happy and make others happy. He loved people and when he died, he took a light out of our world but we’ll see him again,” said his wife of 46 years, Helen Frazier. 

The Chief of Police added Lieutenant Frazier was a man with qualities he wishes everyone in law enforcement had. 

“We just hope and pray that we continue to find officers that carry his compassion and his empathy for the public,” said Portillo.