All Saints Episcopal School promotes STEM program as NASA looks to get back to space

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – As NASA works to get back to the moon, the space agency needs more intelligent people to help get astronauts to Mars and beyond.

“The moon was 240 thousand miles away, Mars at it’s closest proximity is 35 million,” said Charles Price, retired NASA engineer.

Sitting on All Saints Episcopal School is the Mewbourne Science Explorium. Inside the facility is resources and knowledge that allow students to learn about space exploration and what it means to get to the stars.

“If I didn’t go here I wouldn’t get to do stuff like this, I would never be able to learn this way, I could learn in other ways, but learning like this is a lot more fun,” said Cameron Eastman, 12th grader.

The ability to have an Explorium and resources to learn about space allows students to expand their knowledge and their STEM program.

“I want to be able to find extraterrestrial life, aliens essentially. I want to prove that they exist and that we’re not alone in the universe,” said Adisson Wilson, 7th grader.

It’s minds like Adissons that Neal Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and John F. Kennedy have hoped for when the U.S. treated uncharted territory in 1969.

Now they have a different roadblock keeping them from exploring…funds.

“It’s difficult for us to approve the mission if we don’t know what the ultimate cost will be for the taxpayer,” said Price.

NASA said in order to launch a new mission, it will take money from Congress and support from the nation.

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