HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) – With a small amount of rain over the last several months and a wind advisory for East Texas this weekend, burning brush or trash could turn dangerous. 

There are currently no fire bans, but the drier ground from lack of rain and the wind picking up increases the possibility for a fire to spread fast even with the smallest spark. 

“If it’s a windy day, don’t burn. I try and tell everyone use as much common sense as possible,” said Patrick Dooley, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for Rusk County.

Experts said people should always stay calm and if the fire is small enough try to put the fire out with water or stomping it out. 

“You know it doesn’t take but one ember to get out there, and next thing you know you got a 20 acre fire out there that you were not ready for or expecting,” said Dooley.

If residents are unable to put out the flames or the fire grows call 9-1-1 immediately for help, and make sure you and your family get to safety. 

“Our volunteer departments in the county have been running a lot more wild land fires, grass fires, due to number one we’re Rusk County is sitting at a ugh in the d 2 sought stage right now which puts us at a severe drought,” said Dooley.

On Friday, Governor Greg Abbott also directed the state’s emergency management office to prepare for increased chances of wildfires across Texas this weekend.

 “Additional resources have been readied ahead of elevated critical fire weather conditions across our state and Texas is fully prepared to address any potential wildfires in the coming days,” said Abbott.

If you do plan to burn over the weekend be sure to call your local fire department ahead of time to make them aware in case anything happens.