JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) – A fisherman on Lake Jacksonville found a lot more than fish underwater on Wednesday.

On the west side of the Lake Jacksonville dam, the fisherman detected something unusual on his Garmin Livescope Camera on Wednesday.

On the video was a truck 20 feet under the water. The fisherman sent the video to his friend and member of a dive team, Jon Hargett.

“It was just an interesting day on Lake Jacksonville,” said Hargett.

When a dive team came out Thursday morning to investigate, KETK News was there to capture it all.

With only about a foot of visibility, the divers found a 1999 black Ford F-150 under the water that was last registered in Rusk, Texas. Investigators located the owner and learned that the truck had been stolen in 2014.

“We already knew from sonar pictures provided by Jon Hargett what the vehicle looked like,” Diver and owner of Watermark Design Marine Billy McDonald said. “So once we made contact, we knew which direction to go and what we were looking for, and we could do that in zero visibility by feel. So we hooked the tag lines to it and then Isaac Wrecker Service extracted it from the water.”

No one was inside the vehicle, but a diver found a fish swimming in the back. He caught the fish and released it.

“It was interesting to at least see the truck come out of the water and (I was) relieved to find out there was no souls in the cab so to speak. There was no one involved in that accident,” said Hargett.