TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Many Cowboys fans are excited about moving on to the Divisional round of the 2023 playoffs. They do say there should’ve been a greater lead on the Bucs after kicker Brett Maher missed four extra points.

“Knowing what that guy has done and with his resiliency, he’s shown throughout his career, personally, no doubt he will come back next week perfect and help us win,” said Cowboys Quarterback, Dak Prescott.

In the regular season, Maher made 50 out of 53 point after attempts, arguably known as one of the best field goal kickers in the league.

Former NFL punter and field goal holder, Chad Stanley said he feels for Maher and he knows the pressures of the game.

“It’s hard to prepare for a moment like that. You know, a game-winning kick, or a punt when you are really backed up in the end zone and it’s gotta happen. So it can eat your brain away if you let it,” said Stanley.

Stanley said it’s a mindset during the game and most importantly in the recovery.

“The way you try to manage it is really to treat each rep that you are doing at a game like it would be in practice. You just have to have that kind of mindset,” said Stanley.

“He needs to do the same thing he’s been doing. I mean he needs to continue to do his weekly practice schedule that he’s doing. He’s not gonna get rid of this feeling until he makes his next kick. That’s kind of the way this works,” said Stanley.

The amount of time it takes to snap the ball and kick is 1.2 seconds.

“You do it so many times, he would have known without looking before it goes through or didn’t if he made it or missed,” said Stanley.

Maher has to shake it off and look ahead to the next game.

If Maher can do it, Cowboys fans should too.

Dak and the entire Cowboys team continue to encourage Maher and move forward to face the 49ers Sunday evening.

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