FRANKSTON, Texas (KETK) – Frankston ISD announced on Tuesday the board had approved a three-year pilot period for a four-day instructional week beginning next school year.

According to the district, the new school calendar will give every Monday off to students unless they are invited to an “Intervention Day” which will be scheduled alongside staff development days each month.

The district said one of the expected benefits from the adjusted schedule is staff retention and an increase in teachers and staff satisfaction while encouraging them to stay longer.

“Retaining quality teachers and staff directly benefits student instruction and achievement,” the district said.

The adjusted schedule also comes with an extended school day and longer class periods for secondary students, according to the district, who said they are hoping to see an attendance increase with the change.

The district said a 2023-2024 district calendar will be presented for approval at the February board meeting.

Several other East Texas school districts who have approved four-day school weeks include:

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