For quite a while now the historic Fredonia Hotel in downtown Nacogdoches has been under renovation.
But now they are getting closer to what they had in mind when it all started.
The first year of renovation was tough, “this is the most extensive renovation I’ve ever been a part of,” said John McLaren, Fredonia Hotel General Manager. “We literally took it down to concrete and brick and then have built upon the framework of the building.”
But now most of the larger projects have been completed or are at least near completion such as the roof, the mechanical and the walls. Now all that remains is the design elements.
The plan for the hotel is to maintain a 1950’s appearance to maintain its historic appearance and all that is left is the design elements.
“We’re working a lot now on the finish work and getting some of the details, the drywall, the wall vinyl, carpeting and such put into the rooms,” said McLaren. “The walls go up quick but getting the details and the finish work and getting everything just right takes a lot a lot of time.” 
Much time has been spent on ideas for decorations, some decisions have worked and others have not.
“It’s take a lot of time and effort by Barbara and Richard DeWitt,” said McLaren. “They have been very patient and painstaking in their design of the property so it has taken it a little bit longer than we’ve hoped…but it is one of those things that takes time to do it right.”
If all goes well the hotel will open in May.