SMITH COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Whether it is a vehicle or a boat, driving is expensive. Fuel prices crashed into East Texans’ summer plans, especially when it came to getting out on the lake.

Many East Texans, like Philip Marsh feel they break the bank to fill up their tank.

“It gets really expensive, especially if you’re traveling the distance,” he said.

Marsh is retired and said he is driving less to manage the pain at the pump.

However, he is not the only one, and Mac Rose is another East Texan who agreed.

“It’s always a question on who’s gonna drive, not where we’re going,” said Mac Rose. “So, you got to flip a coin and see who’s going to drive, who is going to pay that price of gas for the car.”

It is also impacting people’s summer plans.

“One of my buddy’s parents actually stopped paying for gas for his boat or skis, and so he’s always got to pitch in for gas if we’re going to go out in the boat,” said Rose.

Many people docked their boats for the summer with the high temperatures and high fuel prices.

“I haven’t heard as many boats as normal this time of year,” said Marsh.

Boats have about a 20-to-50 gallon tank, so at $5 a gallon, you are paying anywhere from $100-to-250 to pull up, which sparked another problem.

“One of our neighbors had his fuel stolen from his car,” said Marsh. “A full tank of gas was siphoned out.”

Fuel theft has increased since the price hike and only adds to the stress of high prices.

“I don’t think people are aware that a lot of gas theft has already started, and I can understand why because of the high prices right now,” said Marsh.

Whether it is hitting the water or the highway this summer, it is going to cost you.

To prevent fuel theft, experts recommend installing cameras, buying a gas tank lock or leaving your boat empty until it comes time to use it.