LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK)- The Longview Economic Development Corporation (LEDCO) announced they have finalized their deal with Gap Inc. The company is going to use 140 acres to construct their warehouse, which will be 850,000 square feet. The project was approved by the city in February, and the location is now being built.

$5.2 million are part of the deal that the city, county and SWEPCO agreed upon with the company to encourage them to come to East Texas.

“The jobs that will be created are not just going to be for Longview. This is going to create jobs for all over the region. The trickle down effect, from the shipping community, from the support vendors, from the hotel motel businesses, the revenue impacts, the trickle down effects are going to be huge,” said Bill Stout, the Gregg County Judge.

Still, Gap must employ more than 1,200 people by 2026 as part of the agreement.

Hotels and restaurants in the city are hopeful they will have more customers after workers move to the area once the warehouse is built.