GILMER, Texas (KETK) — One East Texas family is devastated after Monday night’s storm ripped apart their home of 53 years. The Hagler family woke up to an EF2 tornado tearing through their home, taking the entire roof with it.

“We knew there was storms and we had been listening to the news,” Wanda Hagler said. “We had to get up at four this morning…so we turned the TV off and our kids started trying to call us but they couldn’t get ahold of us because the phones were dead.”

Only Mrs. Hagler was able to take cover in their bedroom closet, Mr. Hagler only had time to roll out of his bed onto the floor.

“If our grand daughter had been here she would’ve been in that little bed right there where the window is,” Mrs. Hagler said. “And [another] one would’ve been in the bed with us and we wouldn’t have been able to get them out.”

Mr. Hagler said this isn’t the first time this home has stood in the path of a major storm, it’s the third.

“You’ve heard three times is a charm,” he said. “It may be time to build one somewhere else.”

As they gathered what is left from their home, the Haglers are just grateful they made it out alive.

“I feel like the Lord was good to us for sparing our lives. If you look at this you can see we could’ve been sucked up in the air,” said Mrs. Hagler.