TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Students at Tyler Junior College had the opportunity to listen to global communications expert Dex Hunter-Torricke discuss how the future will look with technology advancing as they begin their careers.

“Where people will have jobs in an alternate reality like, that just blew my mind,” said Kara Wofford, a freshman at TJC.

The future is here and the opportunities are endless.

“AI, the metaverse, all the other big changes in the future, they are coming they are real technologies we need to take them seriously now,” said Hunter-Torricke.

He kicked off TJC’s “Powerful voices series by telling students that advanced technology has arrived and it’s affecting every business.

“The matter of the fact that like, everything is changing so drastically to how it used to be,” said Wofford.

Telling this younger generation that they should do something they are passionate about. Wofford, a business major sees the potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

“I feel like the AI will be able to help generate countless possibilities to grow businesses, new opportunities,” said Wofford. 

She added that there are already there are endless opportunities right here in Texas.

“Because you have so many industries that are coming to Texas now you actually have a lot of choices. Really you can pick any number of industries and roles,” said Hunter-Torricke.

He motivated Gen Z to be bold and always adapt as technology continues to evolve. 

“To accept that audacious change is coming,” said Hunter-Torricke.

His speech left the students with the idea of always adapting.

“Opened our eyes to ‘Hey this is our generation and this is going to be happening,'” said Wofford.