A Grand Saline man who has his own tree service is making his mark across East Texas. After finishing a job, Jimmy Hobbs of Affordable Tree Service will sometimes add a little character to old trees.

The chainsaw roaring and sawdust flying, Hobbs has a craving for carving. 

“I saw it on TV and I thought ‘wow that looks pretty fun,’ so I went outside and started playing and here I am four and a half years later,” he said. “First month I probably did like 20 things, I just kept going and going and going. Now they look like something.”

Bears, wolves, deer, eagles, bulls, he said if he can envision it, he can carve it. For him, it’s all about having fun and when he can make his customer smile, even better. 

“If I’ve got an hour to kill in the evening or something, or two hours, I’m like eh…I’m going to go ahead and make something, a big rose, butterflies, an eagle,” he said. “They’ll call me and thank me or leave a tip.”

We put his quick skills to the test Wednesday afternoon. After about an hour of carving and singing his favorite tunes, Hobbs created a cedar owl, perched upon a cross.

“Is he cross-eyed?” he asked, smiling.

Now he sells his work to anyone interested and makes frequent visits to Canton Trade Days, but it wasn’t his first idea.

“I think I’ve got too much stuff in the yard and my wife said ‘you’ve got to get rid of it,'” he laughed.

Meanwhile, he continues to leave his wooden mark across East Texas. His work can be seen all around Highway 80. An eagle is on display in Means Home Center, a bull and a bear outside the Cotton Gin building in Grand Saline, an angel standing guard in front of Grace Community Healthcare in Mineola and many more.

To contact Jimmy Hobbs of Affordable Tree Service, call 903-962-6312 or 903-569-0695.