GRAPELAND, Texas (KETK) – The 46th Annual Labor Day Bluegrass Festival took place all last week, with a whole week worth of outdoor events and live music.

“I have been coming here for about five years and I just love it here! You can just feel God’s presence and so much love here. I just love coming here!” said the Owner of The Rolling Stove, Amanda Newman.

The 46th annual Labor Day Bluegrass festival kicked off its celebrations and offered an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, live band music and delicious food trucks.

“So, we’ve had bands from Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee here with us this weekend. Today is our wrap-up day on Sunday. We’ve had close to 300 RV’s come in and people jamming all around the clock,” said Promoter for Salmon Lake Bluegrass Festival, Julie Tucker.

Families were able to enjoy live bands Sunday. The festival included artists like Rebecca Hendricks, Marksmen Quartet, The Blake Brothers and Right Direction. The Salmon Lake acreage includes features like a swimming lake and rental cabins for families to use for gathering.

“This is a very family-friendly place that you can come. We do not allow alcohol sales during our festivals. You’ve just got a really good lot of people in Bluegrass. You don’t have to worry about theft or anybody getting out of hand,” said Tucker.

Locals say after the live performances, potluck and bingo activities are available to enjoy. As for Amanda and her family business, this perfect East Texan summer and fall tradition will be enjoyed for many more years to come.

“The music is always great! Even when they are done with the singing, they’ve got jam sessions and they play probably until really late at night. The atmosphere is just a really good family place to come,” said Newman.