Grassroots group wants to take back power from Washington D.C.

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Members of the Convention of States held an open meeting at the Church of the Nazarene in Longview.
The group calls themselves a grassroots movement, with a mission to limit federal decision making for the state of Texas.
“Restore the constitution, to the constitution that our founders intended,” Regional Captain Art Bedford said.
The organization wants an application for Article V  from the constitution to be passed, to help give more power back to the state.
“The federal level is dictating what the states can do weather the states wish to do that or not.” Paul Hodson, co-director for project said. 
“We need to reign in executive orders of the president, no matter who they are, reign in some of these regulations that are hurting,” grassroots organizer Bill Hale said. 
Governor Gregg Abbott supports the idea calling for a Convention of States.
During the meeting, a Convention of States Action list was given out with reasons the application should be passed. The list contained these ten reasons:
– Out-of-touch politicians in Washington D.C must not be permitted to force their agendas upon the people of Texas.
– The language of our Constitution has been distorted to expand federal power and must be repaired.
– Decisions for Texans should be made in Texas.
-A power-hungry federal government will never restrain its own power
-The Article V Convention for Proposing Amendments was given to us for such a time as this.
-Americans were never meant to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats in the distant capital
– Washington has been fiscally irresponsible for far too long.
-We must preserve the blessings of liberty for our posterity
– The states, acting together, are the last hope for restoring the Republic
-Texas must lead!
For more information on the Convention of States Project in Texas  click here.
The group calls themselves a grassroots movement, which wants decisions for texans to be made in texas.

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