TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Gregg County is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Many towns in the county will celebrate in the coming months and community members are proud to be celebrating the sesquicentennial. 

“How special could that be?” said Elaine Roddy, a Gladewater resident.

For Gregg County residents, celebrating 150 years is something to remember, especially over in Gladewater.

“We were established in 1873, by the Texas pacific railroad, and you can hear it in the distance,” said Roddy.

She moved to Gladewater in 1964 to teach first grade.

“Well, you know we are the antique capital of East Texas,” said Lois Reed, the Gladewater Chamber of Commerce president.

Reed ensured fellow East Texans that Gladewater has a lot to offer.

“You can come and shop, eat, stay, work. You can even move here,” said Reed.

South of Gladewater, Kilgore is the home of the East Texas oil boom and a nice, quiet town except when the world-famous Kilgore College Rangerettes are performing. For people who call it home, the community feels like a family.

“Downtown at least, it’s really like together, everyone works together on events and all sorts of teamwork, really,” said Tanner Stockton, Kilgore resident.

Stockton said that Downtown Kilgore is a place where people can really see the 150 years of history.

“You can really believe it comes down here, all the old oil stuff and see all the old pictures of the town. It’s just crazy to think about,” said Stockton.

Along Highway 80, just west of Longview, you will find White Oak. It may be small but continues to keep growing.

For many, it’s the people in Gregg County that make it extraordinary.

“The people are amazing, and those that volunteer and work and the businesses everybody participates in and it’s the people that make it,” said Roddy.