TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Covid caused many events to be cancelled over the last 2 years including in-person trick or treating in many areas. Most people are looking forward to a more “normal” Halloween this year. 

Halloween stores like Spirit are selling costumes like crazy, candy is flying off the shelves, and there are more in-person events going on than ever. So are people ready to get back out? East Texas locals say they are, and they can’t wait to celebrate Halloween. 

“We are wanting to go out into the neighborhood, you know, get candy from the neighborhood. Also there were some ideas of going to the nursing homes” said Mandy Ferrell, a Tyler local. 

Of course, safety is still a concern for many. That is why East Texas residents are making sure they are covered when they come out this year. Masks and social distancing are recommended. 

“I have multiple sclerosis so I am very picky about where I go and what I do. I have a mask always handy. So yeah I am covered,” Ferrell said. 

Local businesses are also getting into the spirit of Halloween this year. One local hot spot, East Texas Brewing Company in Tyler, is having their 5th annual monster brew bash on Saturday from 7pm-11pm. They held the party last year but say it was smaller than usual. This year they are hoping to have a packed house. This event is free to the public and open to your whole family. 

“We are open to all ages. We have had several people call and ask if they can do group costumes? Yes you can. Can we bring our kids? Yes! Can we bring our dog? Yes! Everyone is welcome,” said Annie Gilstrap, owner of ETX Brewing Company. 

There will be a costume contest where the 1st prize for the costume contest is 1 beer a day paid for by ETX Brewing Company for a year. So grab the whole family including your dogs and join East Texas Brewing Company for the 5th annual monster brew bash. 

“With the way the world is opening back up slowly but surely, we are hoping for a good turnout this year, and we have a lot of cool costumes and a lot of fun people to see and meet. And you know you don’t recognize people on Halloween and then they come back in and they are like the I’m the person that won the beer for a year and you don’t recognize them because they aren’t in costume anymore,” Gilstrap said. 

If you still feel like it is too soon to come back out there are tons of drive through trick or treating or trunk or treats going on in the area. For a list of local events happening this weekend, visit ketk.com