HAWKINS, Texas (KETK) – The Hawkins City Council had a meeting on Tuesday and after discussing for two hours during an executive session, they accepted the resignation of the Hawkins Chief of Police Manfred Gilow.

The meeting was scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Hawkins City Hall Council Chambers. Several community members attended the meeting to show support for Gilow and some resigned as well.

A new city manager was also hired three weeks ago. Gilow said budget constraints and a shortage of police staff are some of the key reasons that led him to resign.

“The fact that we are understaffed in this police department. I have two openings in the last seven months. We cannot fill them. Nobody wants to do this job anymore and sure enough, not for 15-16 dollars an hour. Target has 25-dollar minimum wage,” said Gilow. “Therefore, I think right now, it’s a time to make a decision.”

Gilow was hired on as chief of police for Hawkins in 2019, after years of previous law enforcement experience in other East Texas cities.

He is also known as “Der Germinator“, and is the subject of a reality show of the same title in Germany.