AUSTIN, Texas (KETK) – On Thursday there was a hearing on abolishing SFA in order to join the University of Texas system in the Texas Senate’s Subcommittee on Higher Education in Austin.

The board voted 8-1 to have SFA join the University of Texas school system, but it came with many questions and concerns from people about whether or not the colors, name and traditions of the school would be changed.

The SFA president, Dr. Steve Westbrook said there are no current plans for these changes to be made.

“The first line of our school song goes like this, ‘Oh future bright ‘neath the purple and white. All hail to SFA.’ Well our future is going to be very bright indeed as the fourteenth member of the University of Texas System and our colors will still be purple and white. So, all hail to SFA,” said Westbrook.

UT System President Kevin Eltife said they plan to keep SFA’s traditions intact while adding additional resources that the school needs.

“Our proposal to SFA outlined our sincere commitment to helping the university build upon it’s programs, traditions, culture that has made this university unique for 100 years. While adding the resources that are desperately needed at Stephen F. Austin,” said Eltife.

Eltife also said the priority is to make the switch seamless for students, faculty and alumni.

State Sen. Robert Nichols said that the decision to make the switch was not taken lightly.

“As you can see, this decision was not taken lightly. I’ve never seen something so thoroughly researched on, in a decision making like this,” said Nichols.

After over an hour of public testimony, the meeting ended and the board stands in recess.