VAN, Texas (KETK) — Farmers like Homegrown Farm and Garden in Van, say peach season normally starts at the end of May, but some of the fruit is just now ready to pick.

“People aren’t getting as many as well due to the heat and the lack of rain as well,” said Lauren McMillian, from Homegrown Farm and Garden.

The East Texas weather has put a damper on peaches.

“It takes more for them to fill up either a box or the amount of pounds that they need to fill up a box. So, it’s taking more peaches, which causes a shortage in the peaches,” said McMillian.

The fruit’s size has been affected the most, with some getting no bigger than a golf ball.

“The peaches we have been getting in locally haven’t been that great, they’ve been small, because of the weather,”  said Robert Mayes, Bluebird Farmstand

Peaches are used to make all kinds of things, like peach cobbler and even peach ice cream.

“I’ve had to outsource to South Carolina an organic farm to get my peaches,” said Mayes.

Bluebird Farmstand in Tyler is doing everything they can to keep up. Even if that means spending more money to get peaches shipped to them.

“The peach itself isn’t expensive, but the getting here is what costs,” said Mayes.

Farmers are doing what they can to keep the price down for their customers.

“If you want a large peach, you’re paying an outrageous amount for a box of large peaches,” said McMillian.

Both farms say peaches may be smaller this year, but they still have a great taste.