HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) — Henderson ISD starts school Wednesday and has tackled security and communication concerns.

The district added more security measures in place such as a new guard stand and patrol officer for the high school. 

“We have at our larger campus like at the high school… there’s a guard shack and that’s actually staffed all day and there’s an entry protocol and exit protocol. So we know who’s going on and off the campus where students drive especially to keep them safe,” said Henderson ISD administrator, Dea Henry. 

Other safety measures include keeping a drug dog on campus for the past three years.

Teachers now will have an app called “Remind 101” for two-way communication with families on things happening within the school.

“We want to make sure we have a two-way communication so parents can talk to us and we can talk to them,” said Henderson ISD administrator, Amanda Wallace. 

Teachers have also participated in convocations and team-building exercises to re-energize and get ready for the students.

“’What does ROAR mean?’ It means relationships, ownership, attitude and resilience. And… that’s how we do business everyday,” said Wallace.

Administration said they are grateful to be fully staffed this year.