HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) – Henderson High School sophomore Cason Weatherton is like any high schooler on the powerlifting team, except he only has one leg.

“A lot of people do see it as a disadvantage, but it is also for me it’s like a motivation to prove everybody wrong,” said Cason Weatherton, Henderson High School Powerlifter.

Cason Weatherton says powerlifting came easy to him, and it was something he has wanted to do since eighth grade. Cason approached Henderson High School Coach Kyle Farrell in the fall.

“As a coach being able to adapt things that he would be able to do and be able to compete,” said Kyle Farrell, Henderson High School Head Powerlifting Coach.

At first there were concerns because the situation was new to both of them, but Coach Ferrell said Cason has proved he has the desire and fortitude to be a powerlifter, not letting others get to him.

“I don’t say anything. I just let them see what I can do,” said Weatherton.

Cason has come a long way since practices started in January. Squats and deadlifting are his main challenge to overcome.

“He has shown up every single day, and he’s working just like everyone else,” said Coach Farrell.

He’s had to focus on stretching and muscle toning to get ready to compete for the lions. Cason’s first competitive meet was Saturday, and the crowd went wild while he was lifting. He says he was really surprised by the support he received.